This Giving Tuesday help bring a new MRI to GRH

GRH is the largest hospital in the region serving the greatest number of patients using the oldest MRI. This holiday, GRHF is asking donors to help us raise $4.5 million for a new MRI.

Like all equipment, the MRI has wear and tear and it is struggling to keep up to date. The current MRI was installed in 2003 and has been an important lifesaving piece of equipment over the past 14 years. The latest technology will produce more detailed scans and a better way to see inside the body.

The MRI is essential to patient care. It is vital to the fast and accurate diagnosis of stroke, cancer, trauma and internal bleeding, muscle and joint injuries, diseases of the heart and brain and many other urgent and complex cases.

The medical imaging team at GRH is committed to your health. Help them deliver the medical imaging services that patients in Waterloo Wellington deserve and make a donation to MRI today.

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GRH's medical imaging team and the MRI machine

From left to right – Pam Michie, Anne Doherty, Pat Hebner, Diana Brodrecht, Tracy Vennard, Peter Saranchuk, Dr. Venkatesh