About Grand River Hospital Foundation

Financial Snapshot

Grand River Hospital Foundation (GRHF) supports the financial needs of Grand River Hospital. In 2017-2018 it generated $7.7 million.

Download and read the most recent audited financial statements.

Annual Community Report

Grand River Hospital and Grand River Hospital Foundation published its annual community report in fall 2017. Read Stories of Exceptional Care below or download the PDF.

Message from the Chair

Diane Wolfenden, Chair, Board of Governors

Grand River Hospital is a potent mix of emotions: joy, hope, fear, sadness and expectation. It’s a place of great drama, private reflection, life and mortality.

Grand River Hospital is also a place of great generosity. Not just financial donations, but also the work of volunteers, the devotion of nurses and the dedication of our doctors and other professionals.

It’s also a centre of technical expertise enhanced by the newest treatment and technology. As we all know, the newest and the most effective equipment is expensive and not covered by the government.

That’s why we – the Grand River Hospital Foundation – exist. We fund new and vital equipment,  renovations, ground-breaking medical research, staff training and medical education, and patient support programs in cancer, mental health, and children’s program.

Our role, quite simply, is to build a better hospital and a healthier community.

I am honoured to Chair the Grand River Hospital Foundation Board of Governors and continue the work of my talented predecessors.  Together, with our donors and community, we will make a difference.

I invite you to join us on our journey as we help advance exceptional care at Grand River Hospital.

Diane Wolfenden
Chair, Board of Governors

Meet our Board of Governors and team of staff.

Guiding Principles

We inspire volunteers to help and donors to give.

We provide resources that are otherwise not available.

We manage and disburse funds for facilities and technologically advanced equipment for patient care.


We raise funds to help Grand River Hospital provide exceptional health care.


Grand River Hospital Foundation fosters a philanthropic environment where everyone in the community understands and passionately supports exceptional health care.