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Thank you for supporting our hospital

Grand River Hospital Foundation supports the financial needs of Grand River Hospital. Your gifts help the hospital fund medical equipment, renovations, patient assistance programs, research and education.

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Previous reports

Grand River Hospital and Grand River Hospital Foundation published its annual community report in fall 2017. Available online or download the PDF.

Financial Snapshot

Introduction to the Financial Statements

Last year (fiscal year 2018-2019) was a period of transition for both Grand River Hospital and Grand River Hospital Foundation.

Early in the year, the hospital projected a deficit of $18M that would grow to approximately $40M in three years if nothing changed. The hospital’s senior leadership team, infused with new leaders at the CEO and CFO levels, have developed a strategy to overcome this challenge. Through much work with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network, and additional funding announced in the Government of Ontario’s 2019-2020 budget, the hospital is projecting a balanced budget by 2020-2021.

In addition, the new, integrated hospital information system will go live in September, thereby significantly improving patient care.

The foundation faced its own challenge in 2018. The fundraising campaign for the hospital information system, Grand River Smart Hospital Campaign, did not achieve the results initially expected. In response, the foundation decided to update its fundraising strategy to a more comprehensive program.

We are on a positive path forward. Most importantly, we are committed to honour and respect the wishes of our donors while supporting the hospital in acquiring the equipment and resources needed to provide exceptional care to their patients.

Read the 2018-2019 Financial Statements.


Previous Financial Statements

2017-2018 Financial Statements

Guiding Principles

We inspire volunteers to help and donors to give.

We provide resources that are otherwise not available.

We manage and disburse funds for facilities and technologically advanced equipment for patient care.


We raise funds to help Grand River Hospital provide exceptional health care.


Grand River Hospital Foundation fosters a philanthropic environment where everyone in the community understands and passionately supports exceptional health care.