What does it take to fight cancer?

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“I’m a person first and a patient second. I’m not just a patient with a tumour. That’s why supportive services are so important. More patients are living with cancer now and they need help with the side effects and emotional pain that lasts after the last treatment. There is a great need for patients .”


Two-time cancer survivor

and GRRCC patient

For cancer patients, like Joanne, supportive care services help them in their fight against cancer. At Grand River Regional Cancer Centre a wide range of supportive care services are available both during and after treatment for patients and their families. But did you know that many of these services vital to patient health, well-being and recovery rely on community support.

You can help cancer patients, like Joanne, feel better and recover faster by donating now!

With your support, we can provide cancer patients and their loved ones access to services like the J. Wesley Graham Patient and Family Resource Centre, Lymphedema program, UW WELL-FIT program.

Together we can give patients access to life-saving cancer care and vital supportive care services to help them fight cancer.

Please help more patients feel better and recover faster.

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