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“By replacing our outdated and worn out equipment with new, technologically advanced ‘smart’ tools, we can reduce surgical delays and offer patients better care.”


Robinne Hauck, RN

Director of Surgical Services

Grand River Hospital

Your gift = improved surgical care

GRH’s surgical equipment is stretched beyond its capacity and we urgently need your help.

Right now, if a piece of equipment breaks down, we often don’t have a back-up. And because the equipment is older, it’s becoming more difficult to service and repair. The result? Delayed surgeries and longer wait times.

You can make a difference by helping GRH purchase the most critically needed equipment:

  • Drills and other surgical tools essential to back and spine surgeries.
  • Knee, shoulder and ankle scopes and new tourniquets vital to hip and knee replacements and other orthopedic procedures.
  • New lasers, scopes and surgical sets to enhance our laparoscopic tools and give patients faster access to minimally invasive surgery.
  • Bronchoscopes, ENT scopes and cystoscopes to improve emergency surgical care.


           DONATE NOW          

Did You Know?


  • Each year GRH surgeons perform over 10,000 procedures.
  • The government does not fund new hospital equipment.
  • The only way we can purchase urgently needed new surgical equipment is with your financial support.

Please help improve the surgical care which we all depend on by donating today.