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Fundraising Ideas


At Home

  1. House work challenge. Children are to keep their rooms tidy (a day, a week – a MONTH!?) and parents offer a donation which they can donate to the Kids Helping Kids program.
  2. Clean up for a cause. Have children clear out some of their unwanted toys and games (in good condition) and organize a yard sales outside your house with proceeds going to the Kids Helping Kids program.
  3. Birthday Party. In lieu of receiving gifts, ask guests to bring a cash gift that will be donated to the Kids Helping Kids program.
  4. Health and Wellness Challenge. Challenge your child to get their 60min of activity a day (take the dog for a walk, play catch, go to the park, etc.) for each day the child reaches their goal their parent will offer a donation to the Kids Helping Kids program.


At School

  1. Sponsored challenges are often a fun way to fundraise, and children love thinking up ideas. Channel their imaginations by having them brainstorm some manageable activities.
  2. A craft sale. This might include cards, bracelets, sock puppets, etc. made by the students to sell to their friend
    s and family.
  3. Arrange a concert or talent show. This could include selling tickets or having an entry fee for family and friends to attend.
  4. Host an art show. This could be a unique fundraising idea. Invite students as well as local artists to contribute pieces for the show. Students as well as local artists get to display their art. Perhaps consider holding a silent auction for some of the pieces.
  5. A board game tournament. Teams or individuals pay an entry fee to play. Possibly set up a concession stand and consider having a local business donate a prize for the winner(s) to entice more participation.