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Dialysis Group (Agnes Van Haren, Dr. Rosenstein, and Brenden Cote)

A patient’s journey

Imagine sitting in a hospital chair for four to five hours a day, multiple days a week, for the rest of your life…

This is the reality for the over 500 people in our region who require life-saving dialysis treatments. Grand River Hospital (GRH) is the kidney care hub for our entire region of over 800,000 people with four dialysis clinics, in Grand River, Freeport, Guelph and Palmerston, as well as a home dialysis program.

Our kidneys are the quiet workhorses of our bodies. Day and night, they filter out life-threatening toxins from our blood.  When they work properly, we don’t even notice them.  When they stop working, the entire body crashes.  When that happens patients need dialysis.


Brenden’s experience

For 15 years Brenden Cote has received life-saving dialysis at GRH and is so thankful for the high-quality health care we have so close to home.

“Your support means the world to me. Because of your compassion and generosity, I’m still here doing all that I can do to advocate for other patients to have the best care possible. Thank you!”

Brenden Cote,

Dialysis patient





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Help kidney patients today!

Right now, you can help replace and improve GRH’s water system for dialysis patients with a machine that:

                                – Uses less water

                                – Provides dialysis patients with a higher standard of water quality

                                – Does not need harsh chemicals for disinfection

                                – Saves donor’s funds by increasing efficiency of dialysis

But without advanced medical equipment – like the reverse osmosis water purifying system – dialysis simply doesn’t work.  This means increased safety and quality of care for dialysis patients like Brenden.

Dr. Gerald Rosenstein


“Your gift today will help us purchase and install our water purification system that is needed to help ensure patients undergoing this life-saving treatment, in the safest and most efficient dialysis treatment possible.”

Dr. Gerald Rosenstein,

Chief of Nephrology and Medical Director of Renal