Remember when your VHS was state-of-the-art? When Grand River Hospital’s MRI was installed in 2003, renting VHS tapes was still a popular way to watch movies, the iPhone hadn’t been invented, and digital recording from your TV cable box was a novelty.

MRI technology has changed a lot too and GRH needs a new one as soon as possible.

MRI is a window into the body – vital to our ability to diagnose medical emergencies, injuries and illnesses in time to save lives. If doctors can’t see it, they can’t treat it. That’s why we urgently need a modern new MRI.

Help GRH buy a new MRI and save more lives.

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New MRI means more lives saved!

MRI is key to the fast and accurate diagnosis of:

  • stroke
  • cancer
  • trauma and internal bleeding
  • muscle and joint injuries
  • diseases of the heart
  • brain disorders

…and many other urgent and complex conditions.

Chances are good that you or someone you know will need an MRI in the coming years.

To help GRH purchase a new MRI, please donate now.


"Right now, our current MRI is struggling to keep up to date and at risk of failing. A new MRI will help my fellow radiologists, the great team in Medical Imaging and I see inside the human body faster and with more clarity and certainty than every before. This is especially important for the diagnosis and, ultimately, treatment of potentially life-threatening diseases."

Dr. Vikram Venkatesh
Radiologist, Grand River Hospital