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Cancer Program

Thank you to the communities of Waterloo Wellington, for supporting your cancer hospital.

The cancer program at GRH consists of the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre (GRRCC) and inpatient oncology for patients who need to be admitted to hospital for their cancer treatment.

GRRCC is a full service cancer treatment and research centre. Areas of care include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, clinical trials, supportive care and palliative care.  In fact, it is the only provider of radiation therapy in the region.

Recently, this community has helped contribute to lower wait times – some of the lowest in the province – by helping to fund for the renovations needed to add a new linear accelerator at the GRRCC.

In addition to diagnostic and treatment services, GRRCC offers a range of supportive care programs. Our team works hard to ensure that patients and their families have the help they need to cope with the effects of cancer treatment. With the increasing rates of cancer, we need your help to ensure that we can continue to offer these programs and ensure that patients and family members are not alone.

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Read more about these programs below.

Sometimes it can be hard for patients during or after treatment to maintain an active lifestyle. Through a partnership with the University of Waterloo (UW), GRRCC established an exercise program designed specifically for cancer patients. Over 12 weeks, participants get one-on-one support from a qualified instructor in a safe gym located at UW. Since the program began in 2002, more than 1,600 people have participated in the program.

The J. Wesley Graham Patient and Family Resource Centre in the GRRCC is a place for patients and families to get more information about their cancer and treatment. With input from the Patient and Family Advisory Council, the resource centre recently reopened as part of a new partnership with Kitchener Public Library. A fulsome library collection means that patients can access credible information and feel empowered in their own care.

One of the physical effects of radiation treatment is lymphedema. To cope with this very painful and uncomfortable condition patients often need physiotherapy. GRRCC offers on-site physiotherapy for patients who need it.

Sometimes, Waterloo Wellington cancer patients have to travel a farther distance to their treatment or appointment at GRRCC in Kitchener and require overnight stay close by. For these individuals, we help cover the costs of accommodation for them and a loved one so that they don’t need to travel far and can focus on getting better.