Fundraising Priorities

Children’s Services

Grand River Hospital is the region’s largest provider of hospital-based care for children. Every year, 4,120 babies are born in the childbirth program and 20,000 children and youth receive care in a range of programs. These include the inpatient and outpatient areas, the emergency department and mental health.

Your support means these children and their families can continue to receive exceptional care close to home.



The inpatient children’s unit has a higher acuity now than it did five years ago and the need for accurate monitoring is more urgent.

New monitors will be mounted at each bedside and interconnected at a central location to allow for simultaneous, continuous observation of several patients from a central display.  With the new monitors, the hospital can ensure safer care for children with respiratory viruses, children newly out of surgery, children acutely ill with cancer, and many other conditions.

Thirteen years ago, the childbirth unit completed a major renovation, and introduced a labour, birth, recovery and postpartum (LBRP) model of care. Still considered the gold standard of care, LBRP suites allow women with low-risk deliveries to remain in one room throughout their childbirth experience.

This year, the hospital will begin a three-year process of retiring the 13 year old LBRP beds.  While the old beds have served us well, all 24 need to be replaced beginning with eight new units in 2016.

The benefits of the new LBRP beds include:

  • Improved ease in bed adjustments to enhance comfort for mothers.
  • Mattress modifications that improve ease of cleaning and infection control.
  • Improved side rails to enhance safety for baby.
  • Improved ergonomics for care providers.