Fundraising Priorities

Marsland Hydrotherapy Pool

There is a little gem tucked inside Union Terrace at Freeport – a therapeutic pool named for community builder and Freeport volunteer Larry Marsland. It was built in the mid 1980’s, and served Freeport patients for a number of years.  Unfortunately, it was closed in 2008.

As Freeport’s rehabilitation program has grown, we have recognized that the therapeutic pool can significantly enhance comprehensive rehab care for our patients.

Over the next year, GRH will be renovating its therapy pool and finalizing plans for its use.  In the meantime, the Foundation has begun a campaign to raise $1.5 Million.

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This new technology comes at a cost of $1.5 million, which is why we need the help of our donors. By supporting this important purchase, you will help to:

  • Enable the successful treatment of many health conditions with its low-impact nature
  • Help patients relieve pain, strengthen muscles, decrease joint stress, improve balance and coordination, increase range of motion and provide an opportunity for cardiovascular exercise
  • Patients to enjoy a sense of confidence, achievement and freedom in a pool that no other environment can replicate

Please make an online donation right now to ensure we can provide the highest level of rehabilitative care for our patients.

My patients work tremendously hard on their journey to recovery. Becoming active, healthy and living independently is a significant achievement for them.

-Dr. Doug Dittmer, Medical Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at GRH

More Information

Our plan is to improve the function, operation and maintenance of the rehab pool so that the facility can be used to its full potential. The infrastructure will be modernized, including upgrading of the mechanical and electrical systems.

The change rooms/washrooms will be gutted and rebuilt to be fully accessible. This design will ensure that a wheelchair can move through easily.  Showers, sinks, and door swings will be barrier free. All flooring will be nonslip.

The accessibility lift will be replaced with a new, smaller, updated accessibility lift.  This lift is essential for anyone with mobility challenges or who uses a wheelchair to get in or out of the pool.

The aesthetics of the pool area will be bright, cheerful and welcoming.