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Help cut hospital wait times

When a medical emergency strikes, where do you turn? If you’re like many people in Kitchener-Waterloo, you head to the Lazaridis Family Foundation Emergency Department at GRH.

For patients who are moderately or mildly ill, the time it takes to see a physician can be longer than those who are critically ill. This is because on many days in the Emergency Department, we need one more physician on shift who can assess and treat these patients. Emergency physicians are in demand and recruitment has been a challenge.

Right now we have a made in Kitchener-Waterloo solution to the wait time problem but we need your support.

Currently, we have one medical resident in the Emergency Department as part of our emergency medicine teaching program. Help us raise the money needed to add a second.

Donate now to bring more emergency physicians to GRH by sponsoring the education of a medical resident in the Emergency Department and cut wait times.

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“Where you train has a huge impact on what type of practice you end up going into and where you decide to settle. I was offered jobs elsewhere but I chose to stay.”

Dr. Lorraine Colpitts
Emergency Physician, GRH
Adjunct Professor, McMaster University