Make our hospital merry and bright with new surgical lights and cameras.

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Grand River Hospital’s surgery program needs new lights and cameras.

Grand River Hospital is the largest surgical centre in the Waterloo Wellington area. 9,000 surgeries are performed here each year. Equipment in our operating rooms ages over time and we need to replace the lights and cameras that help our surgeons have a clear view.


The current lights are 15 years old and often need repair. New LED light bulbs will be more efficient and provide more clarity during surgery.


Cameras attached to laparoscopes are inserted during the surgery and give the team a better view of what’s happening inside the body. This is especially important for minimally-invasive surgeries. The cameras, which are also used to record procedures for teaching purposes, have become scratched and worn out from repeated use.

You can help our surgical team by making a donation to bring new surgical lights and cameras to our operating rooms.

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GRH Surgical team

Members of Grand River Hospital’s surgical team

GRH Dr. Hupel

Dr. Tom Hupel, Medical Director, Surgery

As you string your twinkling lights, and plan your gift giving this holiday season, please keep Grand River Hospital in mind. We need your help to make our hospital merry and bright for all those who will need life-saving surgery to get through the season."

Dr. Tom Hupel
Medical Director, Surgery, Grand River Hospital