When you’re at your most vulnerable the smallest things mean the world

Grand River Hospital urgently needs your help to purchase the small, mighty medical equipment that improves healing for vulnerable patients.

Your gift today can help purchase the following medical equipment.

  • Pocketalker headphone sets ($250 per device). These specialized portable headphone sets change lives by helping doctors and nurses communicate with older patients and patients who are hard of hearing.
  • Pediatric dental set ($11,000). Little patients need little tools. Your gift can help increase a child’s comfort during complex dental procedures.
  • Snoezelen tubes ($4,400). The gentle relaxation of Snoezelen tubes distract sick children from stress and pain. Your gift can make life-saving treatments more bearable for children fighting cancer and other diseases and illnesses.
  • Roller boards ($900). An unsung hero of health care, roller boards make the transfer process from bed to stretcher smoother, safer and more comfortable for patients, staff and porters alike.
  • Pelvic binders ($160). Pelvic binders are key to stopping life-threatening bleeding, but GRH does not have enough to meet demand.
  • Positioning sponges and immobilizers ($65 – $600, depending on size). These special positioning devices make medical scans more comfortable for patients in need.
  • Holter monitors ($2,000). Your gift can help detect life-threatening heart conditions and save lives.

These tools may be small in size but they can make a huge difference to patient care.

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 You can’t follow doctor’s orders if you can’t hear them

Disoriented and confused, Peter, 82, didn’t understand what staff in the Emergency Department were saying. But then a nurse slipped a pair of Pocketalker headphones over his ears. Peter wasn’t non-responsive – he just couldn’t hear properly. This one device changed his life and allowed him to get the health care he needed.

Help GRH purchase Pocketalkers and other small, mighty equipment. 

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