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Kyla’s Story

Kyla’s Story GRHF story Kyla’s Story GRHF story

Meet Kyla (left), a cancer patient at Grand River Hospital

Kyla kissing AriaMy daughter Kyla had always been such an easygoing little girl. She never cried or fussed about anything unless there was a really good reason. So when she started crying inconsolably and saying “ow” while I was brushing her hair, I knew something was wrong.

At first, I assumed it was another ear infection. But she was also a little pale and yellow and she had bruising that seemed to come out of nowhere. Doctors at the walk-in clinic thought it might be an infection so they gave her antibiotics. But she kept getting worse.

At her second birthday party, Kyla didn’t even want to open her presents. All she wanted to do was have me hold her or lay in her Grandma’s arms. On Halloween a few days later, Kyla couldn’t even walk from door to door. The next morning she fell over as I was getting her dressed.

That’s the day we found out my sweet baby girl had leukemia.

As a mom, you’ve got to be strong, but it was so hard. I was pregnant and devastated and Kyla needed an immediate blood transfusion. Her stomach, liver and spleen were so full of cancer that she couldn’t walk for seven weeks.

Kyla has handled chemotherapy better than any adult I know. She still has two more years of treatments ahead of her but the team at GRH has been so great. The volunteers and child life specialist bring toys and play with her. When her oxygen is getting checked, they pretend she’s blowing out a candle. They have such love and compassion for my daughter and it makes a huge difference to her comfort. It’s such a blessing to have the paediatric oncology program here at GRH.

If I had to go to London every day, it would be a million times harder. Having the clinic here means Kyla had her grandparents close by, and what a difference that made to her and to us! Not to mention being able to go home for dinner or to have a shower. Having this care locally helped keep things as normal as possible for Kyla and her new sister, and we are so grateful.

Please support the hospital if you can. They sure do a lot to support us.

Thank you,

Katie Bisch
Kyla and Aria’s Mom


Photo credit: Lisa Medeiros