Support children with cancer at Grand River Hospital. Donate now

Grand River Hospital is the largest provider of hospital-based care for children in this region.

A number of programs serve this younger population, such as the emergency department, medical imaging and surgery, but the area that sees the most patients of this age range is the children’s program.

There are many children who depend on Grand River Hospital’s children’s program for chemotherapy, medication administration and consultations with health care providers.

Right now, we are asking for the community’s support to help Grand River Hospital serve children who are living with cancer.

Your donation will help purchase advanced medical equipment and tools so patients don’t need to travel far for their care. Kyla’s family knows just how important this is.

You can be one of Kyla’s superheroes!
Kyla kissing Aria

Kyla with her baby sister, Aria.


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“By giving today, you can help local families get through the most difficult time in their lives with the confidence of knowing excellent health care is close at hand.”

Dr. Bruno DiGravio

GRH Pediatrician